July 26, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi
Dose #2: Incline Your Ears to His Sayings

20 My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings.
Proverbs 4:20

To “incline your ear” means to bend your ear. It figuratively communicates that you believe that you can learn something. The Word of God for healing your body will not work if you do not listen to the Word with humility and a teachable heart. Some people listen to God’s Word with pride, and a very critical and judgmental spirit – especially in areas they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with. Pride always goes before destruction and a fall (Proverbs 16:18). Many a healthy Christian have mocked the message on healing and health and then fallen flat on their faces with no anchor or hope at the mercy of a debilitating sickness and disease.

You may be from a church background, or a denomination that believes that the age of miracles is over or that Jesus is no longer the Healer. You certainly reserve the right to believe what you want, however while you are still on this page in this book, it might interest you to hear this truth: those are lies straight from the pit of hell. Think of this: If Jesus is still the Saviour and He still saves from sin today, why then, is He no longer the Healer? Sin and sickness are often called the evil twins that were taken care of at the same time on the cross of Calvary. Sometimes victims of misinformation in the area of healing may sit in a healing meeting where the life of God’s Word is flowing but they may never get healed. Why? The reason may be because they sat through all the meetings saying, “What is this fool saying? I know Christians who died ‘standing on God’s Word.’ Thank God, my personal doctor trained in England so I don’t need all this rubbish!”

Break your heart of pride so rigid with what you think you know. If you can never learn anything new, then it means you think you are omniscient, and if you think you are omniscient then you are an idolater, because there is only One who is omniscient, God. You do not have to accept everything you hear. Incline your ear and listen, then take it and check it in the Word of God. If it is true, receive it and it will heal you.

Confession: I incline my ears to listen to the truth of God’s Word concerning my healing and health and it becomes medicine to every part of my body.