July 25, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi
Dose #1: Attend to my Words

20 My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings.
Proverbs 4:20

What does it mean to give attention to God’s Word? It means to give full attention to His Word. Don’t give His Word or His sayings divided attention. Pay full attention to the Word of the Lord concerning healing. When you take a Word CD or tape on healing home, don’t play it at the background when you have visitors. Some of us keep the Word as “background music” all the time and it never has our full attention, thus we never imbibe all we need to from the Word.

To “give attention” to something or someone means to pay attention to, to pay heed to, to be attentive to, to listen to, to concentrate on, to take note of, to bear in mind, to take into consideration and to observe. Can you see how very little attention we believers give to the Word of God? Even in church during sermons where the Word is being preached right before us, many of us sit down in the pew and daydream. We travel in our minds from places we have been, to places we would want to be. We think of the appointment we have after service and we don’t pay attention to the Word. If this can happen in church, then certainly for the rest of the week the idea of taking the initiative to create a window to attend to the Word of God fully is definitely necessary. If the Word will heal your body, you must respect dose #1.

To make this clearer, the opposite of the word “attention” is to disregard, ignore and neglect. Can you imagine a nurse in a hospital not attending to her patient, or a nursemaid not attending to an adventurous toddler, or even a distracted husband not paying attention to the conversation of his wife? The fullness of every relationship is enjoyed when the required attention is given to it. Full attention requires that you remove all distractions. It often demands that you make a sacrifice of your time, desires, and even finances (e.g. to buy a walkman, an Mp3 player an iPod or even a notebook just for the Word).

A man who pays attention to the Word of God day and night is a blessed man.

Confession: I give God’s Word full and undivided attention and it becomes medicine to every part of my body.