July 11, 2018.    Pastor Charles
A Discerning Giver

9 And she said unto her husband, Behold now, I perceive that this is an holy man of God, which passeth by us continually.
2 Kings 4:9 (KJV)

The aggressive giver gives with discernment. The Shunammite woman could only have done all she had done by revelation. Don’t you think Elisha walked past many homes just like hers on his journeys? Yet, this woman is the one whom the Bible records gave to him. There was something she had come to know that others were not seeing. She knew that this man who often came their way was a holy man of God. He was not just an ordinary traveler, or a false prophet of God. He was a holy man of God.

We are not told whether or not she liked Elisha. Once she perceived that he was a holy man of God, she gave to him. Even a wise, godly business man invests with discernment. He knows how to make profit.

Unfortunately, some believers give, but they don’t give to the right soil. There are “men of God” and there are “men of God.” That is why you have to give with discernment. You should sow your seed where the productive Word of God is preached. There are people who give eagerly, habitually and progressively but without discernment. They give in places where they are manipulated and where they will be appraised. Friend, are you not tired of being manipulated and living your life to please men? Only a foolish farmer will see a rock solid ground with no earth and take his precious life-bearing seeds and pour them out on the ground. In a greater dimension of foolishness, that farmer will then go back after a few months, actually expecting that there would be a harvest from seeds that he literally poured on concrete!

A popular saying in our church is that “It is not a luxury to hear from God.” God is more eager to speak to you than you are, to hear Him! Ask Him to lead you and show you the places where He would have you sow your seed and He sure will! If it is where He has shown you, you can be guaranteed that it is a fertile soil and a productive soil.

Confession: I am an aggressive giver who gives with discernment. I hear from God, and He shows me where to sow my seed. I put the precious seeds God has given into places where the Word of God is being preached