July 1, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi
Money:The Backbone of Every God-Given Project

10 I want to suggest that you finish what you started to do a year ago, for you were not only the first to propose this idea, but the first to begin doing something about it.
11 Having started the ball rolling so enthusiastically, you should carry this project through to completion just as gladly, giving whatever you can out of whatever you have. Let your enthusiastic idea at the start be equalled by your realistic action now.
2 Corinthians 8:10-11 (TLB)

Projects are part and parcel of kingdom business. There are missionary schools to build, church buildings to erect, television programs to air, radio programs to broadcast, books and magazines to print, scholarships to distribute, homes to build for the homeless, television networks to buy and so much more! There are so many dreams, and so many ideas; but what is the driving force that can ensure that these dreams and ideas become realities? Wait for this – it is money!

Money, and not zeal, is the backbone of every God-given project. For a moment think of a person without a backbone. He would be like an earthworm trying to stand up straight and walk. What would happen? He would flop all over the place. That is how many visions flop and are never realized because they don’t have money. The issue is not whether the project is God-given or not, because we are talking about kingdom projects. It doesn’t matter if you spend your whole life praying and fasting for that project. If your prayers don’t bring in money, your vision will flop.

Money for God-ordained projects doesn’t come through armed robbery, stealing or manipulation. Money for God- given projects comes by sacrificial giving. God has called every member of the Body of Christ to give to the projects He has given. This will include giving to the projects He has ordained in your local assembly as well as giving to projects in other ministries He has raised up.

Confession: Father, I understand the place money holds in turning Your dreams and inspired ideas into actuality. Through my sacrificial giving, I will participate in the projects You are raising up in these last days. I will start from my local assembly and move to other ministries.