June 25, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi
Transplanted and Evergreen

3 He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.
Psalm 1:3

The word “planted” also means transplanted. In a certain place, if irrigation fails, the trees there are dug up and relocated to a more conducive environment, they are said to have been transplanted. The psalmist was inspired to say that you shall be like a tree transplanted if necessary to make the location conducive.

There’re some Christians who may have belonged to churches where they sowed certain seeds and their trees were growing, but the environment was no longer conducive. This is either because the church deviated from the Word of God, or the pastor began to manipulate, seduce and control the members to the point, where they had to leave and relocate to another church. If you’re that kind of person, your seeds are not dead. Just keep on meditating on the Word day and night. As you do so, you are transplanting those seeds and sacrifices that you made out of a sincere heart.

The most thrilling and exciting thing about this tree is not even that the tree will bring forth fruit. It is that the leaves of the tree will not wither! We’re talking about an evergreen tree. It means that meditation guarantees you an evergreen tree. The word evergreen means to always have fruit bearing ability. Whether the fruit is presently on the tree or not is not the issue. With an evergreen tree there is no telling when the fruit will pop out. With a tree that is affected by seasons, you may look at the tree and you know it won’t produce fruit till after a certain time.

An evergreen tree is a tree that remains green forever. Its leaves will neither wither, nor fade. That is to say you will not be rich today and poor tomorrow; healthy today and sick tomorrow; have success today and failure tomorrow. Your leaves will not fade. Your leaves will not fall to the ground. Your leaves will not turn brown, and be destroyed. The tree that meditation gives birth to is an evergreen tree.

Confession: I am an evergreen tree. I always have fruit bearing ability.