May 21, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

30 By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days.
Hebrews 11:30

When you are acting according to the prescription of the Word of God, you are likely to look foolish. Faith takes this risk when it’s acting and it does not mind. We don’t live by the natural realm; rather we live by the supernatural realm.

If there is a protrusion of goitre in your neck and you say to the hearing of anyone, “I believe I am healed,” and the goitre is still visible, you would definitely sound foolish. It is the fear of sounding foolish and looking foolish that prevents believers from acting in faith. Mental assent, the counterfeit of faith, is safe because it is in your head and nobody can accuse you of looking foolish. Faith does not mind looking foolish, when it is acting according to the prescription of the Word of God.

Think of the children of Israel. God told them He had given them Jericho (Joshua 6:2). Then they were to arrange themselves in a specific pattern as described by God and march round the walls of Jericho for six days, and on the seventh day they were to do it seven times and then shout. What were the specific details all about? How illogical an instruction this was! Imagine how foolish the children of Israel would have looked to those within the walls of Jericho? They were acting by faith so how they looked meant nothing to them. In my early years of ministry, I tried to apply my first-class degree engineering brain, to the things of God. I got delivered the day Pastor Charles looked me in the eyes as I tried to reason out something spiritual and said, “Pastor Kech, this is not mathematics!” Ouch! Many times your victory lies on the other side of obeying the illogical instruction. I learnt this that day and I am free.

Stop bothering about looking foolish and start acting consistently in faith. People will get confused, the circumstance will get confused and victory will be your experience.

Confession: Lord, I know You have used the foolish things to confound the wise. I will act by faith according to Your Word regardless of how foolish I may look. As I do this, the wisdom of medical science, global economics and social expectations will be confounded by my victories, in Jesus’ Name.