May 12, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

13 All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.
Isaiah 54:13

One night, several years ago, while enjoying some family time at home with Pastor Charles’ family who had come over for a visit, my younger daughter who had been playing, groaned and gripped the left side of her abdomen. We all teased her saying she had overdone her aerobics earlier in the day. Jokingly she said she was trying to lose all the ice cream she had eaten recently during our vacation. She went on playing but every now and again, she would clutch her side. By the time our visitors left though, it had become more serious. The enemy will always try to catch you off guard and give you a reason to explain away a symptom. I actually attributed the pains to the aerobics exercises we had done that morning so I did not really take it seriously. At some point though, she lay on her unaffected side, and my daughter who has a very high threshold of pain, started wailing. I refused to give voice to the name of the disease that came to my mind when I saw her screaming and gripping the left side of her lower abdomen, knowing that doing that would be giving it an opening or an access to the enemy. As I helped her upstairs I rejected the “thought bombs” refusing to take ownership of them. I said to her, “Look here girl, the enemy is trying to come in with something and you better kick the door shut.”

Upstairs in our bedroom, my husband and I laid hands on her and rebuked the pain from the root, but as we prayed for her, the pain increased. Her big sister, who has been through healing experiences herself, came in after she had called for her several times. She said to her, “You are a child of God and a child of God is healed, so you don’t take that pain and don’t you open your mouth again and say it is paining you. If the pain comes, say, ‘I am healed.’ “ She did just what her big sister asked her to do whenever she felt the pain again. After “breaking bread” (that is the communion) and praying with her, she spent about 15 minutes saying healing confessions after her father. The next thing we knew was that she was fast asleep.

The next morning the minute she saw me, she said, “Mommy look…” She was slapping herself on her left lower abdomen, showing me that she was completely well!

Confession: Healing is the children’s bread. I am a child of God and so healing belongs to me. I am healed.