May 8, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

23 Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23

When I was about to have my second daughter, I went to a hospital in the USA belonging to an experienced Indian lady doctor. I really wanted her to handle my case, but she assigned me to one of her juniors – a Caucasian lady, who is also experienced. As soon as the lady walked into the room to examine me, my spirit just did not agree with her. She was warm, nice, and there were no racial undertones. Since there seemed to be no apparent reason for me to have the check I felt in my spirit, I lay quietly while she checked me and carried out all the tests. After some visits, she came back with the results of some tests she had done and said she’d discovered I had a very serious infection. The baby, she said, could not come out through the birth canal with that infection unless I was given a particular injection at regular intervals immediately my contractions began. I asked to know the essence of the injection, but she told me not to bother. I asked if the test could be repeated, and she said it had already been done.

I was uncomfortable, so I called my husband and then I went to meet the Indian doctor and said to her, “Would you mind taking my case?” She asked if I had concerns about the way the other doctor had treated me, and I reassured her that the other doctor had been wonderful, but I would appreciate it if she personally handled my case. She graciously agreed, and asked for my file to be brought. When it arrived, she went through it and said that everything was perfect and there was no problem. I insisted that she checked my file again and she confirmed that everything was fine.

When I told her what the other doctor had said about my having an infection and my needing to have injections once I went into labour, she was visibly shocked. She pulled out the result of the very test I had been told was done, and behold the results were negative. She told me that the result of having that injection without the infection being present would have been terrible.

The Spirit of God was ministering to me, while I was with a doctor. That was the hesitation I had in my spirit. Don’t put your faith, confessions, and your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in “park” mode because for whatever reason you find yourself seeing a doctor. You’ve still got to know who you are even when you are seeing a doctor.

Confession: I am a believer and I walk by faith all the time, even if I have to see doctor.