May 6, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

25 Now a certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years,
26 and had suffered many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse.
Mark 5:25-26

The woman with the issue of blood went to the doctors over and over again, but rather than get better, she got worse. Eventually, she went to Jesus and she got healed. Even though we may not say for certain, it is possible that if she heard about Jesus after she started going to the doctors, she might not have paid much attention to Him because her focus was on the doctors. She must have expected that the doctors would help her get well. Probably, it was when they failed, she turned to Jesus. I call this “faith by elimination,” and it is not necessarily the best way to go about your desire to be healed. Even if you have to go to the doctors and you feel the doctors can help you, recognize that God is the Healer because it is possible to go to doctors and get worse. Sometimes you may end up having a sickness you never even had. Haven’t people died in the hands of the best doctors? Do not let go of your faith because you are going to a doctor, or you might be offering yourself as a “living sacrifice” to him to take you, and do with you as he pleases.

Keith Moore and his wife, Phyllis worked with Kenneth Hagin in his Healing School for at least 10 years, where Keith became director. Almost everyday, for 10 years, he ministered to the sick. Since he left Kenneth Hagin Ministries, he still teaches and preaches divine healing in his church. He’s a great man of God to listen to. I have heard him recount that one day, he and his wife, Phyllis were in church, and God laid it upon her heart very strongly to walk right up to a member of the church and tell that person to immediately go and see a doctor for some help. The member of the church went off to see the doctor, and the doctor said, “If you had come a day later, you would have been dead.” God could have healed that person without a doctor, but it was God who told Phyllis to tell that person to go and see the doctor.

Divine healing is not a war against drugs and doctors. God does not necessarily step aside when a doctor gets involved, but God does not need a doctor to get involved in your case.

Confession: God heals with or without medicine. My faith is in God, not doctors or drugs. God is my Healer.