May 4, 2018.    Pastor Charles

14 Afterward, when Jesus found him in the temple, He said to him, See, you are well! Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.
John 5:14 (AMP)

The Bible says that after all the uproar that had taken place over this man’s healing, Jesus “found” him in the temple. It seems like Jesus knew He still had some unfinished business with the man. There were still some things He needed to tell the man. This draws an analogy to a medical doctor, who just doesn’t stitch you up and leave you on the operating table after a major operation. There is post-operative procedure that needs to be carried out to ensure the positive effect of the operation is permanent. Now this man had been miraculously healed but there were things he needed to know in order to ensure that his healing was permanent.

When Jesus saw the healed man, He told him to “sin no more.” In effect, He was telling the man that one way he could maintain his healing was by living right. Another way of putting it is that sin will give the enemy access to inflict some of his baggage of sickness and disease on you. Some Christians, who are not married, fornicate even after being born again. When they are told to do a premarital HIV test they are afraid, because they know they have been sinning. For almost three decades, Jesus has been my Healer. Even when the enemy has attacked my body with life threatening symptoms, my Healer has always come through for me. All these years can’t just be experimentation or hypothesis. It’s in the realm of truth.

I recognize that these years of divine healing have not been by my works; it’s by the grace of God. However, Jesus has been my righteousness and my wisdom, as well as my Healer. I don’t defile the temple of my body with all kind of things like adultery, cigarettes, alcohol or even gluttony. So, there’s a level of confidence that I have when I stand to claim my healing because I also know that divine healing can be maintained by right living.

Confession: I maintain my healing through right living. This gives me confidence to claim and receive my healing.