April 27, 2018.    Pastor Charles

22 And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one.
John 17:22

God’s dignity and honour are upon you. Your dignity is not based on what you wear, what you earn, what you drive or what you own. It’s based on God’s glory that is upon you. If you realize this, you come to the point where you can wear anything, work at any level, drive anything and it will not define you. One reason why a lot of people, including Christians, will never come out of their insecurity and inferiority complex is because they do not know that they are partakers of God’s glory. His glory is always manifested in His will for your life.

A brother in our church was preparing to get married and then, one week before the wedding, his wife-to-be lost her job. Shortly after the wedding, he also lost his job. The Sunday of that week he was in church and it so happened that I preached a message called, The Triumphant Will. Before this time his former boss who terminated his appointment had called some of his friends and told them that if the brother apologized to him, he would get his job back. The brother’s crime in the eyes of his boss was that he took his vacation after his marriage and did some unrelated business instead of staying to work for the company during the period. The brother was confused initially because of his newly married situation and his fledgling paint production business.

After the message that day, the brother and his wife came to see me in the office and told me the whole story. He said he was ministered to, during the message, not to go back to the company. Convinced of his innocence and sincerity, I told him not to go and plead with the boss that sacked him, but agreed with him to let the job go. Then by the Spirit, I told him, “No man is your source, God is your source. Face your business. God will take care of you.” Despite their financial challenges, they sowed a seed into my life and they left very excited and expectant. The next month he got a job with a better package, and with enough time to develop his growing paint business. Indeed no man is his source of glory or provision. He and his wife were dignified by God’s glory!

Confession: I have been dignified by God’s glory. His dignity and honour are upon me.