April 21, 2018.    Pastor Charles

23 “For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain,’Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.”
Mark 11:23

The way to release the powerful force of faith is by the words of your mouth. This truth can never be overemphasized. In Mark 11:23, the occurrence of the word “says,” is in the ratio of 3:1 to “believes.” This should tell us something. Even Jesus emphasized the power of speaking. If you shall say what you want and keep on saying it, you will have what you keep on saying. When you first say it, it may sound mechanical; it may sound as if you’re just a big joker, joking with yourself, but keep at it. You receive what you keep on saying, not what you have said once.

In speaking the Word, realize that you are not speaking the Word in order to make it become true. You say it because it’s already true. The attitude a lot of us have is that we are saying God’s Word so that it can become true. Then we become fervent and frantic as we speak the Word in the face of circumstances. I used to have that same attitude. Thank God I found out that I was speaking the Word because it is already true. My confessions will not make the Word change and decide to be true – the Word is already true!

If you saw me dressed in a brown suit, and I asked you, “What’s the colour of my suit?” You would say that the colour of my suit is brown. If I wrapped myself with a red cloth while still wearing my suit and then asked you again for the colour of my suit, your answer would still be the same – brown. If someone who came in after I put on the red cloth is asked the colour of what I am wearing, he is likely to say, red, but he would be wrong. I am still wearing my suit and it is still brown, nothing changed it. That is the truth and a temporary red cloth cannot change that truth.

In the same way, you make the confessions of your lips, thereby releasing the potency and the force of faith because you know it’s true, and not because you’re trying to make it true.

Confession: I release the force of faith through the words of my mouth. I make these confessions of faith knowing that the Word is true. I will keep on saying the Word because I will have whatever I keep on saying.