April 18, 2018.    Pastor Charles
The God Kind Of Faith

22 So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.”
Mark 11:22

Jesus said “Have faith in God.” The margin of a good reference Bible will read, “Have the faith of God.” If God says to have His kind of faith, it means it’s possible to have God’s kind of faith. You will not find any verse in the Bible where you are told to fly because it is not possible for you to fly. There are other things that God would never ask you to do. This is because it is not humanly possible to do those things. God will never ask you to do what His grace has not provided you with the ability to do. So if God says, “Have the God kind of faith,” it means it is possible to have the God kind of faith. Not just any other inferior kind of faith but the same quality of faith that God Himself exhibits! What an awesome privilege God has bestowed upon every believer!

How would you describe God, the One whose faith you are to have? There are several things we can use to describe God, but John 4:24 says that God is a Spirit. Since God is a Spirit, faith which comes from Him is a spiritual force. Faith is a spiritual force. You can’t see faith, but faith exists. Faith is a spiritual force: it means it has potency, energy and power.

The Spirit behind the God-kind of faith is God’s Spirit. The Spirit of God is the force of the resurrection. The resurrection force is the greatest force that has ever been released. It is the force that overcame sin, sickness and disease and death itself. When you talk about having the God-kind of faith, you need to understand the awesome power that is available in that kind of faith.

Just like faith is a spiritual force, fear is also a spiritual force. That’s why you can make all the right confessions you want to make, if the spirit of faith is not behind them, you’ll just be uttering mere words.

Confession: I have the God-kind of faith – the same quality of faith exhibited by God Himself. Faith is a spiritual force with so much potency, energy and power.