April 14, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
James 4:7

I reminded her of the Scripture above and asked her if she could resist me if I pushed her and she said she couldn’t because “you are bigger than I am Mom.” Then I asked her if I could resist her if she pushed me and again she replied correctly saying, “You can, because I am smaller than you are.”

God tells us to resist the Devil because He knows that the Greater One is on the inside of us and the Devil is under our feet. She declared out loud that she resists the Devil and he had to flee from her with all his baggage of menstrual pains and cramps. If you are a lady suffering from this, make up your mind it is not “normal” and you would be on the right road to freedom.

The Spirit of God then brought to my remembrance something I had heard Jerry Savelle testify about many years ago – and I did it. I turned to look at the bathroom door where we were and I began to speak to the enemy, “You, yes you, I want to remind you of your past and your future… Remember resurrection day…? Where are you running to? Come back here, I am not done talking to you. On resurrection day, you and your master, Satan, were defeated forever. Now, let me tell you… stand still, why are you restless… Let me tell you of your future. Have you ever heard of the lake of fire? Listen, this home is a covenant home; this child is the fruit of my womb, dedicated to God and blessed. So pack everything and get out of this place… Yes you can flee now and shut the gate behind you!” By this time my daughter was laughing and she could visualize the enemy fleeing with his evil offering of menstrual pain. Guess what? She lay down and slept off for ten minutes and woke up totally pain free. She ran out of our room, had breakfast and was in school by about 9:30 a.m. Glory be to God!

As soon as the car dropped her in school the cramps tried to return. Imagine that! She opened her mouth instantly and said, “Oh, Mr. Devil, do you think because Mom is not here, I don’t know what to do? I don’t accept this so get out, I am healed!” That was he end of it. Since then she has perfect, pain free periods and she is healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ! Thank God for a righteous generation who learn fast how to resist the Devil!

Confession: I have all it takes to resist the Devil because the Greater One lives on the inside of me. I resist the Devil and he flees from me!