April 13, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

15 Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.
Colossians 2:15

In Colossians 2:15, to “disarm” means to divest wholly; to put off. “Public spectacle” means to exhibit. The King James Version says that Jesus, “spoiled principalities and powers” and “made a shew of them openly.” To “spoil” means to take off one’s clothes; to take things off him. “Openly” means all outspokenness; frankly. “Principalities” means the chief or the first in rank in places or time. “Powers” means authority, jurisdiction, privilege, mastery, and token of control.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ brought about the total defeat and humiliation of Satan and his gang forever. When Jesus rose from the dead, He completely disrobed principalities and powers. The enemy uses strategies, events, situations, and people. When spies go into enemy territory, they don’t go into where the guns are kept. They go to their control room to see the plans, maps and strategies on how their enemies plan to attack, because once the plans of the enemy can be crippled, then their entire arsenal cannot be useful. Arsenals are used to execute plans and strategies. Through His resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ exposed every chief plan, every chief trick, and every chief strategy of Satan and He put him to shame. How can somebody who has been disgraced publicly put you to shame?

I remember how one of my daughters was resisting menstrual cramps that were increasingly painful every month. She would miss half a day or a whole day of school each month because of this. She would stand on the Word and take her “Word” medicine convinced that this was not God’s best for her and so she was not going to accept it. One particular month she was totally pain free and we all rejoiced. A few months later she had a bad attack and literally came crawling into our room. She had had enough and so had I. Her sister had to leave her and go to school. She was speaking God’s Medicine (Pastor Charles’ interactive Healing Scriptures CD) as she was rolling around on the bed clasping a hot water bottle on her stomach. Then I looked at her and said to her “Can you see yourself in school by 9 a.m.?” She said, “Yes, Mom.” She promptly went to the bathroom but she began throwing up the only thing she had taken that morning ñ water. At this point it was easy to have gotten discouraged, but we were not.

Confession: I am free from every plan, trick and strategy of Satan. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has exposed every one of them and Satan is defeated forever.