April 9, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

14 For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.
Hebrews 10:14

A lot of Christians, even well meaning and well respected preachers have the habit of “pleading the blood.” Without wanting to sound judgmental, I am yet to see a Scriptural basis for that in the New Covenant we have based on the finished work of Christ. When most Christians plead the blood, they show that they don’t believe or don’t understand the finality of the sacrifice of Jesus. Some even begin to cover their houses, children, highways and bodies with the blood even chanting “the blood of Jesus,” in a frenzy like a mantra being sung by an Old Testament high priest.

The truth is so simple, as a preacher would say, “you need help to misunderstand it.” Jesus went to heaven with His blood, offered it, and He sat down. He sat down because He was so confident that the work has been done. He offered a sacrifice, and He finished it. When Christians come pleading the blood of Jesus and “throwing around” the blood of Jesus, I would like to understand if they want to achieve something beyond eternal. Jesus offered His blood once. All the pleading that needed to be done was done. In fact, I do not think He did any pleading! The sacrifice was perfect – He just came and presented His blood triumphantly to the Father and bought us back from the enemy. The sacrifice He made was eternal.

Think of it this way: the blood is the signature on the blank cheque we talked about some days ago. You are not the one to sign the cheque; you are just the one to fill in the amount you want. The Name of Jesus is the access to what the blood of Jesus has purchased for you. As the church of Jesus Christ, our active day-to-day business is with the Name (John 14:13-14; Colossians 3:17). Each time you fill in with the Name, there is already a pre-signed cheque and you are just taking it and filling it in. That is what you do. That is having access to what the blood has purchased for you. You can also celebrate and remember the efficacy of the blood as often as you partake of the communion table. Friend, use the Name and step into the fullness of why Christ shed His blood for you.

Confession: I use the Name to step into the fullness of why Christ shed His blood for me.