March 17, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

Jesus Christ took a risk in reaching out to every single human being that would ever walk the face of this earth. In spite of His naked, humiliating sacrifice, hanging on the cross, people are still rejecting Him and are dying and going to hell. Does that mean He was wrong in loving mankind? No! I can imagine that while He hung on the cross, His mind would have wandered to all kinds of places. We often sing and say,

“If it was only me; He would have done it just for me.” It is the truth; but do we really know what it means? If it was only you who needed salvation, He would still have done it with everybody else rejecting Him. There are risks involved in the love walk, but God’s kind of love has no limitations. Don’t allow fear to choke the love of God in your life. If Jesus did not allow it, neither should you.

Your senses will tell you that you ought not to love or express love towards certain people. Sometimes the Holy Spirit may tell you to give something to a particular person, but when you analyze His instruction, you “negotiate” with Him and “advise” Him to tell you to give it to someone else! Anybody but who He first mentioned to you. Something tells you that the person the Holy Spirit asked you to give it to, is not worth it. “I heard what she did to brother so and so the other day,” you argue. Or, “I heard what she said to sister so and so last year. Lord, I will rather give my own personal sacrifice to anybody else. Look, that sister over there is poorer and more in need than she is.” However, God insists and tells you to give it to the person He told you to give it to.

You might think the seed He asked you to sow is to help that person, but it just might be to help you in your love walk. He may have asked you to give it to that person to develop you in love but when you disobeyed Him and gave it to someone else, you would have failed.

Confession: In spite of the odds and the risks, Christ still died for all. He did not allow the risks involved in love stop Him from loving and giving His life. As He is, so am I. Nothing will hinder God’s love from flowing through my life.