March 4, 2018.    Pastor Charles

23 For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror.
James 1:23

Almost everyone knows that a mirror has a reflecting surface. It shows you a replica, a twin image of yourself. In the natural, do you realize, that you have never seen your face? You have only seen an image of yourself in a mirror. If I were to ask you to describe or draw your face you would confidently do so based on what you have seen in a mirror. That is how much we trust a man made mirror.

The Word of God is a mirror that we should trust more, to tell us the truth about ourselves. As a mirror, the Word of God helps you see any filth in your life. It makes you see all the little lies, strife, envy and bitterness, which are in your life. It is only the mirror of the Word of God that will show you these. A man made mirror can show you if there is some acne or a pimple on your face, but it cannot show you parts of your character and habits that need to be changed. When you go out, probably dressed in an expensive designer suit, everyone may be deceived and think you are a gentleman or a lady, as the case may be. No one would know that you beat your wife like you would beat a criminal, or that you use caustic, abusive words on your husband. However, if you submit yourself to the Word of God, the Word will show you that you are very temperamental. The Word may even go on to reveal to you that the reason why you haven’t prospered is as a result of the way you have been treating your spouse. It’s a mirror that convicts you and changes you. Thank God it is also a mirror that will show you your beauty, as the change occurs.

What has the Word been showing you about yourself?

Confession: God’s Word is a mirror. It shows me things I need to remove from my life and the things I need to change.