February 19, 2018.    Pastor Charles

31 But Jacob said, “Sell me your birthright as of this day.”
32 And Esau said, “Look, I am about to die; so what is this birthright to me?”
Genesis 25:31-32

5 A good man deals graciously and lends; he will guide his affairs with discretion.
Psalm 112:5

There are things you can do either in your position, or with your skill but you certainly cannot perform every task and cover every single area that needs to be covered. What then is the solution? Get partners. That’s an example of empowerment. You can’t do everything so empower other people to work with you. Sometimes the right people are positioned by God to work with you but you resist empowering them. You short-circuit your own blessing when you do that. On the other hand, God positions you to be a blessing to someone and work with or for them but you resist it and close a divine door of divine opportunity.

Jacob used the tool of service as a point for negotiation when he was with his uncle, Laban (Genesis 31). One day he reminded Laban of how he, Laban, had confessed that God had blessed him because of Jacob’s presence in his business. Jacob had served Laban faithfully and now he was ready to be on his own. Laban resisted it because he knew that his blessing depended on Jacob’s presence. Jacob then made a negotiation for partnership with Laban and that is how God blessed him. Partnership empowers both parties and releases blessings.

As Christians we should recognize the value of empowerment in partnerships. When we get into business partnerships, we should remember to document our agreements. A lot of Christians do business emotionally without even signing contracts. Jacob did not just take his brother’s word that he would give him his birthright, he told him to swear an oath. Marriage is a partnership, yet it is not sealed by words of love only; it has to be documented legally.

It’s a tragedy if God intends for you to be living at the level of ten million US Dollars, and you’re at ten thousand US Dollars because you would rather not go through the hassle of registering your business partnerships legally. Be a tomorrow thinker – think empowerment.

Confession: I recognize the power of empowerment and doing things properly. Father I thank You because You teach me to walk aright and guide my affairs with prudence and discretion.