February 11, 2018.    Pastor Charles

16 Lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright.
Hebrews 12:16

This verse shows a connection between food and fornication. What then has eating or food got to do with fornication? The common thread is this: unrestrained appetite. That is one thing that causes people to eat their reward before their time. Esau was a man of unrestrained appetite.

Jacob and Esau had grown and both of them knew just how important the birthright and inheritance was, and in spite of that, Jacob was bold enough to ask Esau for his birthright (Genesis 25:33). Why did he have that audacity and confidence to do so? It was probably because Jacob had noticed that Esau had an unrestrained appetite. Another thing that shows that Esau had an unrestrained appetite is that he said he was fainting (Genesis 25:30). Yet he may have eaten before he went to the field.

Maybe you are a committed Christian sister and no brother has ever approached you for marriage. You look at yourself in the mirror, you know you are beautiful, but then you ask why no brother has come to you. Then one day a man gives you a ride and the man is an unbeliever. He begins to say nice things to you. Then in your heart you begin to look down on the brothers in your church and consider the unbeliever who is good looking and drives a fancy car. Before long, you end up in bed with him. It is called fornication. Fornication is sex that happens before the time. You’ve just eaten your reward. I know a particular Christian lady that this happened to. Now she will tell you it wasn’t worth it.

When you are unrestrained in your passion and appetite, you might think you’re hiding something, but everybody else sees you and can see you eating your reward before the time.

Confession: Lord Jesus, you were a Man of discipline. I have the same Holy Spirit. I can also be a person of discipline. I put my body under and I will develop my spirit, the real me, and with Your Word I will be in charge always. Amen.