January 29, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

Supernatural faith does not deny the existence of a problem; rather it ignores it and reckons with the truth of God’s Word. “Sight” is not necessarily refer- ring to your eyesight. Sight refers to the sense realm where your five senses are functioning full time. We walk by faith not by our five senses. Expressions like: “I think;” “I feel;” “This is the way it has always been,” reign in the sense realm.

When you open your wallet and you don’t see any money, you don’t walk by that. When you touch your neck with the back of your hand and you feel a high temperature, you walk by faith not by sight. You walk by faith not by what you’ve always been told or the way you have always known it. You walk by faith based on the truth of God’s Word as revealed to you and not by sight.

Faith does not deny the existence of a problem; faith ignores it. In an attempt to speak faith, it is common lingo to hear Christians say, “I am not poor,” when there is no money to their names, or, “I am not sick,” and their bodies are obviously racked with pain. No! Faith ignores, but does not deny. Do you understand the difference?

It takes discipline to ignore what your five senses tell you. You live in a body which needs the senses to function on this earth. Ignoring the senses can be tough. Apart from that, the sense realm feeds your natural human ego and your need for sympathy and attention from other people. Everything in you wants somebody to know what you think or what you are experiencing. Your opinion is very important to you. It takes a conscious decision to ignore the sense realm. It takes a revelation of a superior realm where the Word of God reigns.

Confession: I am not moved by what I see or by what I feel. I am moved by the Word of the Living God. I will only speak as a confirming witness to the Word of God. I will not confirm the circumstance with my words.