January 9, 2018.    Pastor Charles

14 Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him quickly out of the dungeon; and he shaved, changed his clothing, and came to Pharaoh.
Genesis 41:14

As we said earlier, Joseph cleaned him- self up and took off prison clothes once he was called. They could have taken him anywhere from the prison, but they took him to the highest place of all – the presence of the king. They took him to the place of his expectation. If Joseph didn’t go into the presence of the king, he wouldn’t have known the king’s dream. God dealt with him in progression. When he went into the presence of the king, he knew the king’s dream: that was knowledge. However, knowledge alone is not enough to bring solutions. When Joseph gave the interpretation and the application of the interpretation, he moved from knowledge to wisdom. He had to apply himself to The Blessing upon his life in order to get the wisdom that Pharaoh needed. Friend, knowledge and wisdom are gotten from our King’s presence.

Recognize the power of His presence – the presence of God. His presence is with you always. Develop an awareness of His presence. All you ever need to know and all you ever need to do are found in His presence. If you maximize the presence of God, you will know the dream, and you will know the interpretation of the dream. The dream is the vision for your life, for your organization, for your ministry, for your marriage, the next steps to take in all you do. All will be made clear to you in His presence. His presence will catapult you into the place where you ought to be, because in the presence of God are found the secrets of success in life.

Confession: Lord, I am grateful for the wealth of Your presence with me always. I am never alone. I do not lack for knowledge or wisdom. By Your Spirit and through Your Word, I walk in the awareness of Your presence with me always. Amen.