January 6, 2018.    Pastor Charles

29 For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.
Romans 11:29

It is through the gifts and calling of God upon our lives that He will take us to the place where He wants us to be. Most times we are afraid, so we want to try our hands here and there and everywhere, and we end up beating the air. Due to the fear of poverty, you try everything possible: today you are a transporter, and tomorrow you are a caterer or something else. They will all fail, until you enter into your God- given calling and kiss destiny. Locate your calling and stay in your calling, and your calling will bring you out of the dungeon. Your calling is going to place you; it is going to put you in a place of honour. I’ve started riding in my place of honour, but I am not through yet, I just began.

Are you called to carpentry? Just keep on doing the work of a carpenter and the gifts of a carpenter will follow you and before you know it, you will get out of that dungeon. Are you a lawyer? Focus on it and develop yourself. Sometimes your search for your calling will bring about change in what you are doing presently as things become clearer. Focus is not contrary to change; change enhances focus. Stay in your calling and stop trying everything else. He will honour you because, of His gifts and calling, there is no repentance. There will be gifts always to follow up your calling. Excel at whatever you are doing and you will experience the truth that whom the Son has made free is free indeed.

Confession: Lord, I will always keep my eyes on You and it will be clearer and clearer to me who You have called me to be. I will not live out any other script for my life, but the script You have written for me before the foundation of the world.