December 27, 2017.    Pastor Charles

1 Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.
2 Give a serving to seven, and also to eight, for you do not know what evil will be on the earth.
Ecclesiastes 11:1-2

Natural laws are powerful but there are supernatural laws too. Tomorrow is guaranteed for those who recognize that supernatural laws are more powerful than natural laws. Natural laws are powerful, but supernatural laws are even more powerful. Natural laws are symbols and pictures of the supernatural. For instance, Jesus used the parable of the sower to explain kingdom principles. He used them to give us a picture of how supernatural laws – the laws of the kingdom, work. He used the natural to explain the spiritual because the spiritual is more powerful. Therefore, you need a spiritual mind to understand it because it is not meant for the natural man.

The greater laws are kingdom or super- natural laws. There are times when you need to go beyond the realm of the natural and operate in the realm of the supernatural. When you are inhibited by the natural, if you will obey the supernatural and begin to walk in the realm of the supernatural, you will get godly results. That was what happened to Joshua. While in the midst of a battle, Joshua told the sun and moon to stand still and they stood still, even though it was not natural for such to happen (Joshua 10:12-13).

I remember when I was an undergraduate student in a university in Nigeria, some of my friends and I were very involved in Christian ministry. We were born again and on fire for God. Healings, deliverances from bondage, Holy Ghost baptisms with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, were all the order of the day. Our room was called “Headquarters,” because it was a hub for the supernatural. The word went round, about “Headquarters” and so when the brethren needed someone to minister healing to them, they came to us. If none of us was there, they would lie on one of our beds and tap into the supernatural anointing present and they would be healed. They were discovering the greater law of the supernatural and the more we taught them, the more they began to realize that the same supernatural anointing was within them, and they were walking hubs of God’s supernatural power!

Confession: Natural laws are powerful, but the supernatural laws are more powerful. My tomorrow is guaranteed because I walk in the supernatural laws and go beyond the limitations imposed by the natural realm and natural laws.