December 22, 2017.    Pastor Charles

5 Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me.


Psalm 51:5



God confused the serpent. In Scripture, the words translated seed sometimes refer to sperm. Women do not produce sperm; they produce eggs. The male sperm is described as seed, but not the egg of a woman. A woman doesn’t produce sperm so she doesn’t produce seed. God’s divine wisdom came to play when He pronounced that the Seed of the woman would bruise the serpent’s head. Why on earth did God refer to the “Seed” of a woman?

After the deception of the serpent and the subsequent fall of Adam and Eve, the human race was polluted by sin. Satan thought that by destroying the human race he would stop the arrival of the Seed of the woman who was to bruise his head. He must have had nightmares about this “Seed” who would bruise his head! He went wild and on rampage. He planted evil in Cain’s heart against Abel, and Cain killed Abel his brother. By that act, Satan eliminated Abel and destroyed Cain. In his crazy thinking, he probably figured that if God was going to produce another man he would come through Adam and Cain and since both had been dealt with by sin, such a man would not harm him. In that, he was right. Any human offspring had the male seed of sin and was dominated by Satan from birth. While Satan was trying to destroy the seed of the man, God had His plan with the Seed of the woman!

Thank God, the wisdom of God cannot be rivaled by the wisdom of this world. For the first and last time in human history, the wisdom of God prophesied the Seed of the woman. This prophecy was fulfilled thousands of years later when a virgin conceived and brought forth a Son called Jesus. This Child had bypassed the male seed of sin and through Him new births could occur in people who would be free from the grip of Satan.

Jesus is the Seed of the woman. He bypassed the seed of sin. Through Him, I am a new creation; in Him, I am free from Satan’s grip.