December 19, 2017.    Pastor Charles

4 When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”
Luke 5:4

A miracle is the temporary suspension of the normal course of nature by God in order to bless you. A miracle occurs when God bypasses process to give you a blessing. When Peter obeyed the instruction of Jesus, they received nothing short of a miracle. I believe in miracles. Since God is a God of miracles and I am His child, I have no option but to believe in miracles.

I also believe in processes, but processes surely do not intimidate God. When processes want to obstruct the things that God has planned for you, believe in miracles instead. God is willing and able to perform a miracle in your life.

Do you need a miracle in your place of work or in your school? A testimony of a married lady would inspire you. She was transferred from Port Harcourt, south of Nigeria, to a city in the far north of Nigeria. The government organization she worked for asked her to make a choice between her job and her family, because there was no way she was going to be transferred back to Port Harcourt. She met colleagues at her new posting that had been there for more than seven years without any hope of a transfer back to their families. She held on to the Word and kept telling people she would be transferred back to Port Harcourt to be with her family. After almost four years, she was transferred to the capital city in the middle section of Nigeria and from there moved almost immediately to another city south of Nigeria about an hour’s drive from Port Harcourt. She still believed for the fullness of her miracle and not an “almost there” miracle. On getting to that city she immediately stated her claim for a transfer back to Port Harcourt. Even her transfer back from the far north was entirely out of the normal procedure in her organization and she still believed there was a miracle that would still bypass the usual procedure, and she got it! Again, favour was granted to her and she was transferred back to Port Harcourt to be with her young family, as she had believed and boldly declared. You might want to call it a “lucky break” but she knows that it was a miracle!

Confession: I believe God’s Word. God performs miracles for me. God suspends the ordinary course of nature and bypasses processes for me in order to bring blessings into my life.