December 10, 2017.    Pastor Charles

4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.
John 1:4

The word “life” is Zoë in Greek. Zoë is God’s kind of life; life as God has it. We have taken the Word as some theoretical, academic and intellectual thing. The Word is God and God is the Word. In Him (the Word) was God’s kind of life. That life is the light of the world. It is the real development of the world. Wherever you find Zoë, God’s kind of life, you will find development taking place.

America embraced the life of God and the life of God caused it to develop. What they have written on their currency is: “In God we trust.” They trusted God and God has done so many great things for them. Unfortunately, they now want to trust in man. Pastor Nkechi used to work in the oilfield and she often shares a principle of working with oilfield equipment which goes like this: “If it works, don’t ever touch it!” America should have maintained their trust in God. It was working for them and bringing true development. Not every kind of development is godly. The Tower of Babel (Genesis 10:1-9) was a huge feat, but it was not a God inspired development. Noah’s ark was different (Genesis 6:13-22). It was a God inspired feat.

South Korea is another case study. Through the ministry of David Yonggi Cho and other faithful Christians, most of the country accepted the life that comes from the gospel and it began to develop. South Korea has come out of the dungeon of underdevelopment and darkness and it is getting more and more developed. I hope they will respect Pastor Nkechi’s oilfield principle and stay with the God of the Bible!

If Nigeria will accept and respect the totality of the Word of God, greater development will begin to take place. It’s not necessarily a Christian governor or a Christian president that will change any country. If we want to see development in Nigeria, let us continue to preach the gospel. If we let the light reach all kinds of people, we shall see development and amazing inventions come out from our nation.

Confession: I have the Zoë life of God. Development is taking place in my life as I give attention to God’s life in me.